About Me

I am Tarun Durga.

I create eclectic art based on the books I read. And I read a lot, about perhaps 50 books a year – literary fiction, old school noir, an absurd amount of books on the circus, philosophy, science, biographies and more. When it comes to books, I’m an equal opportunity bibliophile. You can find most here, and all at BigFatBooksBlog on Instagram. 

There is a chance you’ll find something from your favourite book here, if not, reach out to me for a commission. We’ll find a way to get your book on your wall. 

Feel free to reach out. 

Art Works


The prints come in some variations:
1. A2 sized Poster Prints
2. 12″ Rolled Canvas or Poster Prints

All prints can be framed or mounted, let me know if you’d like me to do that for you. The choices here are:
1. Wooden frames with acrylic glass
2. Stretched canvas mounting for 12″x12″ square prints
3. Regular mounting

Delivery Time
It takes up to 7 days to get a picture perfect art print processed and another 2 days for framing. Patience is a real virtue here.